Eastern Craft exclusively imports and distributes some of the world's best craft beer brands such as BrewDog, Fourpure, Hitachino Nest and Gweilo to Singapore and Malaysia. Contact us below if you think we can help your restaurant or bar serve better beer.

    Brewdog beer Singapore


    BrewDog PLC

    Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


    The iconic Scottish craft brewer that kick-started the UK's craft beer revolution. They're on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are, brewing world-class craft beer; extraordinary beers that blow people's minds. Punk IPA is the beer that started that revolution.


    Available in bottles, cans and kegs.

    Hitachino Nest supplier in Singapore

    Hitachino Nest

    Kiuchi Shuzou

    Ibaraki, Japan


    Boasting many experimental beers, Kiuchi brewery has been collecting awards worldwide with their White Ale and Espresso Stout. They have spent great time and effort in reproducing old styles of beer and tailoring them to the modern palate.


    Available in bottles, cans and kegs.

    Fourpure brewing distributor Singapore


    FourPure Brewing Co.

    London, United Kingdom


    Fourpure is a London based family brewery founded in 2013. Beer is our passion and our travels are what inspire us to brew. Our approach to exceptional brewing is all about attention to detail, not cutting corners and innovating yet staying true to the principles of brewing – respecting the four core ingredients used to make beer: grain, yeast, hops and water. This was the inspiration for the name Fourpure.


    Available in cans and kegs.

    Gweilo Beer distributor Singapore

    Gweilo Beer

    Gweilo Beer (Hong Kong) Limited

    Fo Tan, Hong Kong


    Hong Kong's biggest craft brewery producing "redefining beers" for the Asian market.



    Available in bottles, cans and kegs.


    Yona Yona beer supplier in Singapore

    Yoho Brewing

    Yoho Brewing Co

    Nagano, Japan


    Brewing on a larger scale than many of their competitors the Yo-Ho Brewing Company have been a pioneer of craft beer canning in Japan. Their brewery in Karuizawa is fed by the crystal clear waters of the Japanese Alps.


    Available in cans and kegs.

    Shiga Kogen Beer in Singapore

    Shiga Kogen Beer

    Tamamura Honten

    Nagano, Japan


    Handcrafted using the pure waters from the Shiga Kogen mountain region. Their beers are characterised by bold floral and citrus aromas from their use of aromatic hops. One of only a few breweries in Japan to grow their own ingredients.


    Available in bottles and kegs.

    Minoh Beer supplier Singapore

    Minoh Beer

    AJI Beer Co. Ltd.

    Osaka, Japan


    The best known craft brewery in the Kansai area, creating beers inspired by beautiful natural surroundings and local produce.


    Available in bottles.



    Visit our cider mini-site, www.cider.com.sg

    alska cider supplier singapore

    Hawkes Cider

    Hawkes Cider

    London, UK


    Inspired by London’s original street hawkers, Hawkes’ mission is right here in the present and the future. The world of cider stands at a crossroads. For too long ‘big’ cider and tradition has been allowed to hold back the cider industry’s growth. That ends here. Hawkes are standing up for those who want to break free and make a difference.


    Available in cans, bottles and kegs.

    alska cider supplier singapore

    älska cider

    The Swedish Cider Company AB

    Stockholm, Sweden


    Born in Stockholm, älska is true to its roots; stylish, confident, innovative and with attitude. It represents everything that Stockholm is admired for, a fusion of great design, style, beauty and the odd premium quality drink.


    älska is a deliciously refreshing natural fruit cider. A wonderful combination of traditional and innovative Swedish fruit cider varieties which can be enjoyed at anytime. Available in Lemon & Ginger, Strawberry & Lime, and Nordic Berries flavours.


    Available in bottles.

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